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Yusef Miller, author

“What an experience at The (Inaugural) Playwrights’ Inn Project! I walk away encouraged and inspired. But more specifically, I walk away with a stronger play – a play that better articulates the journey of (the play’s characters) Doboy and Nabilac. Moreover, This is About Sheep…I Think is my most realized, to date, creative effort. Lee—you seemed to have beckoned a piece of theatre from which you might facilitate an international discussion.  All of the HARD WORK you put into this “retreat” told me that you believed in my play. You sought to invest in a playwright you believed in, which was obvious. You sought to give an American a platform, from which to serve more fully his view of the world, not just America. I think this makes you a pioneer of sort. That is how I will refer to you…It is rare that a Director “gets it” in my world of Playwriting. Judyann (Elder) was fiercely keen-in-knowledge of the language, the themes, the characters, the story and the journey…Indeed, Judyann orchestrated sensibly AND successfully THE RE/WRITING, ACTING AND STAGING OF ‘This is About Sheep…I Think.”


Bernard Marsh, actor

“Working with the writer, Yusef Miller, in developing his piece was quite an interesting process and experience. I found both the content and presentation of the piece intelligently and excellently presented and handled. The directorial overseeing by Judyann Elder was outstanding and insightful…and the theatre (Theatre de Nesle) at which we did the reading was truly and remarkably conducive to the play itself. The audience was quite responsive and engaging to say the least. Cheers to the producer and founder Madame Lee Chamberlin!”

Pierre-Benoist Varoclier, actor

“The Playwrights’ Inn experience was a wonderful opportunity for an English-speaking French actor like myself to work in France with amazing people on an original play. But the project is not about the actors, but about the playwright and it felt great to help him improve the lines, dialogues and scenes. With this very unique method, within a week of intense work, you can really feel that you’ve made a difference (we all have) just by being part of it all and investing yourself in it. I felt challenged and was proud to be part of the first edition and meeting Lee, Judyann, Yusef and Bernard was a true blessing and an inspiration.”

Lenny Kravitz, Founding Board Member

“Lee, This sounds wonderful. Love seeing you so inspired. I’m there!”

Jean Carey Bond, Founding Board Member

“The awards Lee Chamberlin has received or been nominated for during a high-achieving career — which the tough world of  U.S. stage and screen performance had by no means guaranteed – don’t alone convey, well, the full wonder of Lee.  Obstacles? In her universe, obstacles are just dandelions to be contemplated and then blown into the wind.  She has a bottomless reservoir of self-confidence.  She has wide-ranging skills.  She has an astounding capacity for hard work.

Did I mention that she also has learning, insight and empathy?  Which is why she knows the right time has come to realize her long-held vision of service to developing artists, in a creative environment that her heart adopted way back when we were teenagers. The writers whose work will be rendered and scrutinized at the Playwrights Inn will one day know what I already know: how very generous is Lee’s support for their efforts and aspirations, given the breadth and depth of her talents and commitment to the pursuit of excellence.”

George Richardson, Periscope Press 

“Yusef, We are pleased that you came back (from France) encouraged and inspired, with a stronger play–a play better than the original journey of Doboy and Nabilac. …We know the skill, stamina and courage required for Mrs. Chamberlin to succeed and succeed she did!”


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