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The Playwrights’ Inn Project asks Rachel Lampert, The Kitchen Theatre’s Artistic Director, to suggest playwrights who will benefit most from The Project’s play development process. Our  initial, successful  season is due, in part, to Rachel’s introducing Yusef Miller,  the first playwright chosen by The Inn to participate.

The Kitchen Theatre’s twenty-one year  history of producing work by exciting, new authors makes The Kitchen an ideal collaborator. Located in Ithaca, New York, The Kitchen can proudly  boast of  a spanking new theatre space  where  audiences drawn from its neighbor, Cornell University,  as well as its sophisticated  Ithaca residents, continue to support  its diverse, brilliantly acted and directed  theatre fare.

As collaborator, The Kitchen Theatre presents  to its American audience readings  of plays developed at The Playwrights’ Inn and confers with The Playwrights’ Inn concerning  the subsequent  stage of  development.

The Theatre de Nesle, a restored, 18th century private residence in the heart of Paris’s 6th arrondissement, served as the Paris venue for the first season’s reading of the play developed in Nantes.


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